Monday, March 15, 2010

On the web this week..."Goth-egg Parody and Story Telling"

An American Gothic Egg Parody won third prize and $300 (sound familiar) at the Iowa Egg Council's annual contest last year. Read the story and see a picture of the parody on the Dennison, Iowa News site. The egg is on display in the Dennison Library for the month of March.

"The idea initially came to her, Wietzel said, as a play on words “gothic” to “goth-egg.”"


This next piece has a bit of story telling to it about "American Gothic" and another famous American painting. If you were to tell the American Gothic story, how would you tell it?

"As the artist tells it he was in the chair braced with a few shots of whiskey waiting for the Novacain to do its numbing, studying Doc McKeeby’s face. He remembers thinking how his dentist must stare into teeth all day the way his neighbors stare down rows of corn all behaving themselves. Folks do a lot of staring here in Iowa. Byron McKeeby says to relax, then yanks out the misbehaving tooth."


Don't forget this Saturday's Spring Cleaning Sale! If you have any "American Gothic" gifts to buy, Saturday is the day to do it!

Upcoming events:

  • Saturday, March 20 - Spring Cleaning Sale at the American Gothic House Center

  • Thursday, March 25 - "When Tillage Begins: The Stone City Art Colony" lecture presented by Kristy Raine at the Eldon Library Hall at 7 pm

  • Saturday, April 24 - Grant Wood Bus Trip to Cedar Rapids, Anamosa and Stone City sites

  • Friday, May 28 - New Grant Wood Exhibit Opening at the American Gothic House Center

  • Friday-Sunday, June 11-13 - Gothic Days

    • American Gothic House Art Contest

    • 5K Walk / Run

    • Bike Ride

    • and much more!

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