Thursday, July 21, 2011

American Gothic House in 3-D!

AGHC received an email from Paul Anater of St. Petersburg, Florida about a three-dimensional model he created of the house for use in a presentation on kitchen cabinets. He sent the following email about his work:

“I was hired by Kraftmaid Cabinetry to deliver a presentation about using new software in my process as a designer. I had 25 minutes to fill and rather than bore people to death I wanted to tell a story about how I integrate new software into art. Because I'm a designer and my audience was also designers, I decided to recreate a 3-D model of the American Gothic house, position the finished model on the lot where the house actually sits using Google Earth and then I would draw a modern interior design of the house.

I detailed the specifics of my idea and my presentation on my blog here:

Google has since added my model to Google Earth and my replica of the house is the only three dimensional building in Eldon:

So now with the help of Google Earth, the American Gothic house has a new life in the internet.”

Thank you to Paul for sharing his exciting work! The model is now available to view on the American Gothic House Center website on the Photo Gallery page. You can find it at this link:

Holly Berg

American Gothic House Center

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Conservation of Grant Wood's Spring Turning

One of the things I enjoy most about meeting all of the visitors to the American Gothic House Center is what I can learn from them! Many people who visit come with great tidbits of information about a variety of topics pertaining to the house, American Gothic, or Grant Wood.

Last week a visitor told some of the volunteers about a presentation she had seen about the conservation of Grant Wood’s Spring Turning. The work is part of the collection at the Reynolda House Museum of American Art in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. This week the visitor sent us a fantastic video created by the Reynolda House Museum about the conservation of the painting. The video also has great information on Grant Wood’s painting techniques and how these techniques affected the conservation of the work.

The video can be found at this link:

It is so wonderful to know that such great care is being taken to protect Grant Wood’s work!

Holly Berg

American Gothic House Center

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