Friday, March 5, 2010

On the web this week..."One goodbye is anothers hello"

If you haven't heard yet, the big American Gothic sculpture called "God Bless America" by J. Seward Johnson that were once in Key West, have left Chicago and are being installed in Mesa, AZ! Mesa seems very excited to have the sculpture. On their website you will find a short video of them installing it. You can also find out just how much it cost to bring it to town. The following quote is from the artist.

""I want to invite us all to look back at these images and discover what we've learned since they first became icons to us, and how our understanding or point of view may have shifted since then," Johnson was quoted as saying in a DMA press release. "Would they be embraced in the same way if they came to us today? Would we view them with more cynicism or can we still see purity at this stage of our social maturity?""


Folks from Chicago seem a bit sad to see it go. The first link has a video clip of people visiting the sculpture in Chicago and anther vido clip about the painting. The second link has a neat photo of the sculpture head and sholder pieces.

"Sadly, the American Gothic statues that graced Pioneer Court next to Tribune Tower for lo these many months has been dismantled and sent on its way. It was one of the best things Chicago has had going for it in the way of public art since the cows - even if some art critics bristled (at both)."


"All that's left of one of the Chicago's top public art attractions this morning is a bare platform."


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