Friday, April 16, 2010

On the web this week...a Grant Wood Essay

Lane Brooks posted a neat little essay on Grant Wood to her blog "LIFE: CO-OPERATIVE--ART, ARCHITECTURE, DESIGN." She chose to write about Grant Wood because of the similarity between the times.

"You may ask, Grant Wood -- really? Why? It's true that I have a list of varied artists to write about and most aren't as traditional or realistic as Mr. Wood. It's also true that his national mega-popularity ended some years after the Great Depression . . . which actually fostered it. Ding Ding. It seems to me that we just may be living in a similar time as when Mr. Wood was painting."


This next link is to a photographers page on Flickr. He called his image of the American Gothic House Iconic. It's a very nice black and white photo taken at sunrise.


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