Thursday, September 2, 2010

Scenic Iowa and a Generous Donation

Is this heaven? No, it’s Iowa.

Iowans have an abundance of opportunities to appreciate the simple things in life. We are fortunate, most of the time, not to have to worry about hazardous air alerts or stressful commutes. We can enjoy the scenery free from distraction. And what worthy scenery it is! City dwellers escape from their towering concrete surroundings to take a deep breath in the land of Grant Wood, who has shown the world the beauty of the Midwest.

I once had a discussion with Florida high school students, who couldn’t seem to remember the difference between Iowa, Idaho, and Ohio. “Iowa? Is that the potato state?” They viewed Iowa as a state you fly over rather than as a destination. Fortunately, many do realize the value of our state. The refreshing blog entry featured in today’s e-news focuses on a child’s appreciation of an Iowa road trip, with some especially insightful comments about the artistic significance of our landscape.

Blogger appreciates Iowa, the land of Grant Wood

Autumn Approaches: Leaves, Sweaters and Homecoming

Another takeoff on Wood’s most famous painting has come home to Eldon. If you’ve been to the American Gothic House Center in the past month, you’ve definitely noticed a new addition to our collection. Standing about six feet tall and over five feet wide, a replica of the famed house with a projecting porch was created by an artist in Albert Lea, Minnesota. Originally purposed as the set of an Independence Day parade float, the replica may be displayed as part of a float in the local homecoming parade later this month.

Albert Lea donates American Gothic house replica

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