Thursday, September 16, 2010

On the web this week: An Assortment of Information

It’s Thursday again, and time for another American Gothic House Center update. This one contains an assortment of information that has come up this week.

The asters are still blooming ferociously, the weeds are still fiercely growing (though I am just as fiercely fighting back—finally brought down those pesky invasive sunflowers and managed, using all my strength, to remove the giant flat grasses taking over the beds lining the sidewalk), and last week I discovered a brilliant pink hibiscus blooming among our native prairie flowers! I regularly post garden photos on our facebook page, so if you’re interested see the link below and become a fan of our page!

AGHC On Facebook

November 13: Herberger’s Community Day

You can help raise money for the American Gothic House Center, and add a little to your own wallet as well! Purchase a coupon booklet for $5 from the American Gothic House Center and receive a $10 coupon as well as several 20% discount coupons to be used at Herberger’s in Ottumwa on Saturday, November 13. All booklet sales go directly to the Center.

If you would like to help sell coupon booklets on November 13 at Herberger's or before (sales can begin any time), please call and I’ll get you a set of booklets.

American Gothic Experiences the Effects of Technology

One part of my job is to edit current and create new promotional materials for the Center. Lucky for me, the Center’s previous administrator applied for a grant from the Wapello County Foundation and received funds for the purchase of the Adobe Creative Suite. So I, like today’s featured blogger, am learning to use professional software for designing signage and brochures, updating the website, and editing photos.

At the Center we have an extensive collection of parodies, many of which have been computer generated using programs like Adobe Photoshop. Bill and Hillary Clinton are a favorite, their faces collaged overtop Nan and the dentists’ realistically enough to make visitors wonder if the Clintons stopped in Eldon. Giving the Gothic couple new faces is a popular parody, and so is giving them new clothing and accessories. With the help of Photoshop backgrounds they have travelled to Hollywood, taken a ride on a subway, and as you’ll see in Daisy’s blog, they have even attended rock concerts.

Just for fun, here’s a set of parodies created in Adobe Photoshop by a blogger named Daisy.

Rent the American Gothic House Center for your next party, meeting, or any occasion! The scenic gardens create the perfect setting for outdoor events on the lawn, porch or patio. Please call or email me if you would like details on rental possibilities at the American Gothic House Center.

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