Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oak Savannah Planting at Center

Eldon—Tuesday afternoon Cardinal High School students Danny Luna, Marcus Giltner, Andrea Fults and Curtis Fiedler hustled to plant the first trees of the oak savannah project at the American Gothic House Center. Tuesday evening Quenton Sims, Dakota Wilbanks, Auston Hummell and Lewis Aszman from Ottumwa Cub Scout Pack #11--with Den Leader Teresa Wilbanks, Cub Master Cheryl Carness and parent Robert Aszman--planted one more tree.

Tree PlantingStudents and cub scouts dug holes, filled in, watered and mulched the newly-planted trees under the direction of Administrator Jessi Strom and volunteers Dennis Donaldson of Ottumwa and Dennis Jeffrey of Eldon.

A grant from Alliant Energy/Trees Forever generated the funds for the oak savannah featuring burr oaks, white oaks and red oaks. Tree PlantingOther trees to augment the oaks are basswood, black cherry, red maples, white pine, service berries and burning bushes.

Wapello County Conservation workers Lincoln Utt and Paul Totten transported trees and continued planting with volunteers on Wednesday.

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