Sunday, October 7, 2007

Proud of Visitors Center at American Gothic House

We are so proud of our new Visitors Center at the American Gothic House here in Eldon.

Anyone that hasn’t taken the time to drive out to visit it has missed a local treasure. Allen and I have been volunteering there since it opened in June. We really enjoy meeting folks from all over the world. I like to read the comments folks have written in the guest book. Seems like our local folks are really surprised at how very nice it is.

Anyone who enjoys people should consider becoming a volunteer. We have had folks from Yorkshire, England; they had flown into Chicago, rented a car and were going to travel here for six weeks. This was one of their first stops. They had been to the Art Institute in Chicago and seen the original painting the day before. We had a family with nine children from Idaho. They were on their way to Nauvoo, Ill., to be part of the play there. Everyone is so friendly and those who don’t know about the painting’s history are happy to have it explained or watch the 30-minute film, “Grant Wood’s America.” Our administrator, Jessica Strom, is well-versed on the history and has several books about Grant Wood for the volunteers to get “boned up.”

There is a nice gift shop with books, T-shirts and many other items for sale. One of the most popular things is the rack of clothes for folks to put on, including a three-tined pitchfork and gold-rimmed glasses. They really enjoy going out and having one of the volunteers take their picture in front of the house. I always tell them, “Now, this is one picture that you don’t smile.” This is all free!

This is truly the dream of many of our local folks. Don Gettings and Helen Glasson worked very hard for many years to get it. Now, it is a reality. Hats off to the committee and the many people that have worked in the past to get this done. Take this as an open invitation to one and all to come for a visit.

Rosie Morrison


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