Thursday, April 4, 2013

Egg Roll inside, but a success

American Gothic House Center

Rain did not deter the planned Easter activities last Friday, as over 175 children took part in the first annual Easter Egg Roll at “our White House.”

Originally planned for the lawn at the American Gothic House Center, steady rainfall forced the activities inside to the Eldon Library Hall, adjacent to the library on the main thoroughfare in town. Although a bit cramped, the kids didn’t seem to mind, as each moved from station to station, all manned by G.A.T.E volunteers and local townspeople.

Donna Jeffries was in charge at the Easter Egg Roll station where lanes were marked with tape on the floor. Each child was issued a large wooden spoon and a hard-boiled egg was placed in the lane in front of them. On the command of “go” the contestants guided the egg—using only the spoon for propulsion and steering—to the finish line where all received a bag of candy. Besides candy, every bag contained an American Gothic House bookmark and pencil.

At the “bunny ear” table Nancy Teubel, Martha Bedford and plenty of parents, helped the children glue and paste ears together. It was a three-step process, with the first step fitting the band to the child’s head. The second step was to glue the parts of the ears together, then lastly staple the ears to the headband. As the afternoon passed the library hall was a sea of bunny ears perched precariously on each child’s head.

Pris Coffman, along with some help, guided the children through making a Peek-A-Boo Chick. This was a rather elaborate creation resulting in a hinged paper egg that, when tilted to one side, revealed a baby chick.

Rumors had it there were Secret Service agents at the hall (the only people in attendance wearing black suits and sunglasses and talking into their lapels) on a special mission from the White House to monitor the Egg Roll and other activities. It is unconfirmed but word has it the Secret Service were so impressed with the Peek-A-Boo Chick creations that arrangements were made to have the same activity on the following Monday at the White House.

No Easter activity would be complete without the Easter Bunny and, sure enough one was one hand. Originally the plan was to have children pose with the Easter Bunny in front of the American Gothic House, but since this wasn’t possible a facsimile of the house was used a backdrop for the photos. Margie Stansberry assisted in taking pictures and everyone received a 4x6 memory of the day. Paige Evans played the role of the Easter Bunny and did it so well perhaps a career in acting is in her future.

At yet another station Cindy Shephard stepped away from her day job as elementary principal and curriculum director at the Cardinal Schools and read to all who gathered around. There was no report back from the children as to how well their principal did, but if asked, I am sure each would have glowing praise. After all, she is the principal.

All total 10 volunteers stepped in to lend a hand at the event, not including those who helped in the pre-party logistics, such as bagging 125 sacks of candy, making 75 commemorative eggs and setting up the hall. From this observer’s vantage point—and the Secret Service agents—G.A.T.E and the staff from the American Gothic House Center can consider the inaugural Egg Roll a success.

Brian Chambers
Media Coordinator
American Gothic House Center

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