Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lecture Series tonight and AGHC tidbits from the web

Just a reminder that UNI Professor Roy Behrens will be presenting “Looking Closer at Grant Wood: What Did He Do, and How Did He Do It?” tonight at 7:00pm at the Eldon Library Hall. His lecture will discuss Grant Wood’s life, how he was trained, what he achieved, and how he was influenced as well as who he, in turn, influenced. His talk will include rare photographs of Wood, his students, and his contemporaries, accompanied by eyewitness stories about his creative process, his methods, his failings, his sense of humor, and the growth of his basic beliefs about art.

A few new videos about the American Gothic House and the Center have popped up on the web lately. One family who visited recently created a video of their visit, which features one of our volunteers, Allen! Allen does a great job in the video explaining the history of the house and painting, so be sure to check it out!

Also, Kohler just posted a news release and video showing the improvements made to the kitchen from their donation of a new sink and faucet. The video features Beth Howard, the American Gothic House pie baker, and operator of the Pitchfork Pie Stand. It is definitely a great video as well!

Holly Berg

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