Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter in Wapello

During the lovely hot, humid days of summer I often ask myself, “How did I ever make it through winter?” I shudder at the thought of facing the next one—closed indoors, muscles clenched against the wind, not able to take a deep breath because the air is so painfully bitter. What I forget during the green season is the magical sparkle of a snow-covered world. Those mornings when frost forms inside my nostrils are the very same mornings that leave every stem, leaf and hillside stark white and glittering.

Who am I to complain about cold, anyway? The bare-footed chickadees feasting on dried aster seeds outside my window at the American Gothic House Center are bravely facing January. Click for photos of them!

We very often see Grant Wood’s sunny Iowa landscapes, but at this time of year it’s easier to appreciate several winter scenes he produced.

December Afternoon

Don’t let the frigid air slow you down! It’s toasty and warm inside the American Gothic House Center, and we’re still open 7 days a week. Stop by anytime to thaw out and learn more about Grant Wood and the house next door.

While you’re out and about, take the time to visit local artist Chris Abigt’s show, Uncommon Commonplace, at the Indian Hills Art Gallery in Ottumwa. Uncommon Commonplace is on view in the gallery until Thursday, February 20. Chris is the resident artist at MJ Art Gallery in Ottumwa. You may also recognize her name from the Center’s gift shop, where we are proud to sell prints and note cards of her painting Gothic Windows.

Keep warm—but enjoy the cold!

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