Friday, January 8, 2010

On the web this week...Recreating the Apron

This week we revisit an old story--the story of the American Gothic Ad--with a deeper look into the creation of the costumes.

"The problem of matching the pinafore fabric was also solved by Jessica, as she supplied me with a recreated swatch of the print and suggested a company called Spoonflower, who create custom fabric, to reproduce it for me. The resulting fabric was brilliant. Jessica also supplied us with photographs of the Gothic House in exchange for the completed black dress and pinafore...."


Also found on-line this week is a review of one of our favorite Grant Wood books, "Grant Wood and Little Sister Nan." This book, which can be found in our gift shop, provides you with a better understanding of Grant Wood's sister, Nan--the female model for his painting "American Gothic."

"This book adds a dimension to the woman in American Gothic. At age eighty three, Nan said the painting saved her life from being drab. Even though she didn't think the 'painted' lady looked anything like her when it was first displayed, she had now decided that: 'We look a lot alike. She's really become me.'"


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