Friday, November 20, 2009

On the web this week...

This first link is to a well written essay about the American Gothic House and its significance. David K Leff visited this last summer. He is an essayist, poet and lecturer, and according to his blog, he likes to discover the commonplace world at hand, while exploring wonders hidden in plain sight. Here is "Stepping in the Picture."

On a recent trip to Iowa I visited a familiar place to which I’d never been. Though it’s hidden on a back road in the sleepy town of Eldon, it’s a place most Americans and many people around the word would recognize almost instantly. READ MORE

This second piece comes from Jolen Whitworth from Leeds, England. She visited earlier this week, and shared that she had written a poem inspired by "American Gothic." This may not be what you would think of when thinking of our favorite painting, but it is interesting to see the different inspiration it produces. Here is "A Murder of Crows (Through the Crosshairs)."

Marblesque eyes along the copper horizon. READ MORE
*Note about the poem - a "murder" is what a group of crows is sometimes referred to as.

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