Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Calling all troupes for a Native Iowa Flower Planting in Eldon

Eldon— This June when school lets out and you are wondering what to do with your long beautiful sunny days, consider packing your shovels, gloves, hat and a snack to help plant some native Iowa flowers at the American Gothic House Center.

Thanks to Ostrander Flowers & Greenhouses for getting the seedlings started, there are currently more plants than the center has hands to plant. Please consider organizing a group to help out and get a tour of the visitor center at the same time!

The list of over 30 native plant species to be added to the landscape include Brown Eyed Susan, Sky Blue Aster, Evening Primrose, Upland White Aster, Yellow Coneflower, Anise Hyssop, Mountain Mint, Prairie Blazing Star, Prairie Smoke, Showy Goldenrod, Butterfly Milkweed and much more.

In order to give these flowers a good chance for survival, the plantings will take place in the late afternoon. For troupes wanting to get a tour of the visitor center, these can be scheduled before the planting session.

Group trips to the visitor center include an introduction and discussion on the painting ”American Gothic,” a history of the house in the background, the story of how Grant Wood made his way to Eldon and the discovery of the house, showing of an educational film, and the opportunity for pictures in cut outs or costumes in front of the house.

Please contact the American Gothic House Center at 641-652-3352 for more information, or visit our website at www.americangothichouse.net.
  • Who: American Gothic House Center
  • What: Native Iowa Flower Planting
  • When: To be scheduled for late afternoons between June 2-11
  • Where: American Gothic House Center; 300 American Gothic St; Eldon, IA 52554
  • Contact: Jessica Strom, 641-652-3352, aghc@iowatelecom.net


  1. Thanks for the list of flowers planted. I took some great pics of the flowers planted at the american gothic house. Not sure of the names though.

  2. I've been taking pictures of the flowers as they bloom, and plan to add a page to the website with pictures and names to help people identify them. If you would like to share your photos, you can e-mail them to me at aghc@iowatelecom.net. I'll even help you identify them.

  3. Here's a set from July 4th, 2010.